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Our Team

At Goodmast Telecoms, we understand the importance of experience. Our team is not just skilled, they are seasoned professionals with a combined strength of over 50 years in the telecommunications industry. This depth of knowledge allows us to tackle any project with confidence and deliver exceptional results.

Meet the Team Behind Our Success

Here's a glimpse into the expertise of our people:

  • Senior Engineers: With over 15 years of experience each, our senior engineers like Abubakar Dauda Bello and Adewale Odunlami provide leadership and technical guidance on complex projects. Their expertise in RBS implementation, project management, and EHS ensures smooth execution and adherence to safety standards.
  • Project Managers: Seasoned professionals like Michael Allen bring over 15 years of experience to the table, specializing in project management for transmission implementation. Their ability to plan, organize, and oversee projects efficiently is instrumental in our success.
  • Account Managers: Frank Asare, with 10 years of experience, exemplifies our client-centric approach. He builds strong relationships with our partners, ensuring clear communication and exceeding their expectations.
  • Implementation Resources: Our team of highly skilled technicians, like King Faisal Sualihu, Patrick Abayatey, and Michael Gawu, possess a minimum of 8 years of experience each. Many are ABB-trained and have extensive knowledge of GSM and CDMA technologies. Their expertise is crucial for the successful implementation of RBS and microwave transmission projects.


A Legacy of Knowledge Sharing

At Goodmast Telecoms, we foster a culture of knowledge sharing. Our experienced team members mentor and train junior colleagues, ensuring the continuous transfer of valuable skills and expertise. This collaborative approach guarantees the long-term success of our company and the telecommunications industry as a whole.


Our Journey to Excellence

Since our inception, we've grown rapidly to become a major player in the competitive Nigerian and Ghanaian telecom markets. We are constantly exploring expansion opportunities across Africa, driven by a commitment to bringing our expertise to new regions.